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He was nearly as thick as a Coke can and almost 10 inches long.The masturbating cleared me for a smooth entry.Rolling her onto her stomach, I cuffed her wrists behind her back while Foster cuffed her ankles together.She was spreading out.Even still, she might have survived had she not put up a fight, but the bitch just couldn’t let me have my way.She really rocked it, Peter was looking ecstatic.She moved a finger up to tease her clit, “This is quite sensitive this morning, I wonder why that is?” And she giggled, but she didn’t stop playing with it.Rachael laughed.He did still have all those pictures of her, and she was basically his own personal little slave girl now, but she didn’t feel like he was going to use her for sex.Someone took my right and left hands.All of you trying to speak to her has caused her brain to commence shutting down.“Keep doing it!”“What do you mean?” I say nervously.He stared down at me, his eyes shining like a beast.He tasted so good, but I w

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